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Tanzania is the biggest country amongest countries which are settled on the largest lakes, that is to say Kenya,Uganda,Burundi,Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo. The Tanzania as is known is the country of tranquility,peacefully and reality alliance. Contract of an abundance of attraction substances as the mount Kilimanjaro ,the roof of Africa, archaelogical sites as olduvai gorge including other national parks. Tanzania is assumed to has more than one hundred and twenty of as assorted tribes which have maintained the national unite to be one thing without discrimination among them.
As usually in the Tanzania the most known tribes are Maasai Wachaga, Makonde and Hadzabe

MAASAI- This tribe is very famous due to their attires
and such they consolidating their culture always.

CHAGGA- This tribe is very famous in societies to be the most
Merchants than other tribes in Tanzania and their
Entreprenuers are scattering throughout of the country and
they are based on the south side of the Mount Kilimanjaro slopes.

MAKONDE-Known for their skillfully of making wood carvings and their
Traditional dance called (Sindimba).

HADZABE-This are known for their life style to living as bush men in the primitive life

Occasion we leave it, immediately we have an enthusiasm to make the statement according triple provinces in Tanzania at the other language we can say these are three in one what the mean? Let us go together so that to recognize more these triple provinces or three in one is what? These are regions which adjoined on west zone in the Tanzania which are Mwanza region, Tabora region and Shinyanga region. In these regions we are getting the largest tribe in Tanzania called WASUKUMA.This is the reason refer us to call these regions the three in one because only one tribe is covering the regions in their population.


The source of WASUKUMA tribe has explaned as following. These are people living on northern circuit in society of Wanyamwezi clan in Tabora region. So many decades before colonial rule in Tanzania the chief Mirambo has reign broadly area from Tabora region,Mwanza,Shinyanga till on the west of Singida region .Under the responsibility of the chief Mirambo Actually he led defended himself for consuming bad cruel policies. His policies referred to make massacres for plentiful of people in his territory .The cruel situation of the chief, his adheres given him the name of Milambo, the means of this name is corpse the name which derived for him because he liked to see the corpses frequently .A real name of the chief Mirambo is Mihambo .In the dictator rule of the chief Mirambo coursed several clans to exodus for mystery to led from Tabora to Shinyanga, formerly called Northem province at the area which hadn’t dwellers on that time.After past many years the people who tolaranced in Tabora under the reign of the chief Mirambo decided to go at the northern province namely Shinyanga to be saluted on their kinsfolk who fleed there.This visit they said that :TULIJA KUWAGESHA - WA- HA- SUKUMA’ in sukuma tribe language the meaning of it,we are going to salute our fellow of northern province.And the people who are living in Shinyanga called fellow fromTabora “WATU WA KUSINI” that is to say :WA-HA –DAKAMA’its mean is people of southern province.A consist of these names are continuity to date is the people of southern province a consist of these names are continually to date.
WA-HA SUKUMA’ (namely the northern people)are pastoralists, this situation is coursing the tribe to be a nomadic and they to scatter until Mwanza province and to be a permanent tribe in the place although you can not compare a real behavior of nomadic with Maasai the Maasai are excessively in the nomadic behavior.
Immediately the Sukuma tribe is very stately in triple regions the Tabora, Shinyanga and Mwanza.region rightnow population of Sukuma tribe is increasing rapidly even out of their regions in Tanzania


As other tribes WASUKUMA have been a permanent place, in recapitulation Sukuma is original tribe which scattering in the Tanzania especially on western zone in three regions around of the largest fresh water lake in the world.The lake Vectoria.These regions are:
-Mwanza 35,248 is squire kilometers
-Tabora 76,151 square kilometers
-Shinyanga 50,781 squire kilometers

Sukuma is bigger tribe than other tribes in the Tanzania even in east Africa .An Avarage their number is approximately more than nine point seven Million.


Contrast of these regions and other region is great .A region among other’s Sukuma tribe regions which is Mwanza his decorated by lake Victoria and other Tabora and Shinyanga regions are decorated with good scinery of big farms which cultivate asunder crops and also preceeding to pleasant due to its surrounding appear of an excellent views of Besmack, stones foothills,good infrastructure and prairie when you oversees Shinyanga and Tabora provinces. Without to move out of these area is good to look behaviors of the resident population .Actually they have typical generous. When you visit the area you will be rejoice to see plenties works including.
Agricultural, business and fishers activities for consuming engine boats local canoes.Also you will have prospered to see some giant vessels like passengers ships and burden ship which are flowing on the lake without to miss the good test of delicious water food as tilapia, known SANGARA and SATO from fresh water lake Victoria .These are not enough about we are advising you to stay on the Sukuma tribe land to look so many entice places and daily routine of the life style against them from in the villages to the urbans.


An ordinary Sukuma tribe people are giant and powerful on external appearance also they have smoothly blackish colour on their skins. Always they occupy for agriculture and pastoralist these are traditional works although they are participating with other activities. Their major food are strongest stiffporrifge which prepared by Maize,sorghum and cassavas flour and they eat it with curd ,cook or roast of livestock meat and vegetables .As other tribe Wasukuma have traditional attires .all the time without season they like to dressing for wrap-up through their bodies with green colors sheets, this the color of sheets is special attires for females.Beside males are prefering further to wrap-up the sheet of blue wish color .these are traditional attires for the Sukuma tribe.At the usually condition is not easy to see them in their tradition attires, when they move out of their provinces as you look Maasi throughout in east Afica.When agricultural season attaining Wasukuma have adjust the traditional dance troops for purpose of encourage and to provide high energy for each family occasion they are digging.

The traditional dance move for innings from one family to another family. It is elating when you prosper to see it also is too marvel for people to digging for following bests of drums all the dig time.
As we explained before, Wasukuma are generous people, very docile, much more hospitality and very hard men .At the all day long activities also they have united .Their tradition building is using long grasses for thatching with the mud wall usually the building activities are involving by males only and females prepare some food .When sunset cattle herders return their cattle in the bulwark from their pastures each day.


TRADITIONAL DANCE- On July after coops harvest, some difference traditional dancing
Troops starting a joy competition of the traditional dance among other troops,This is bulk feast which attracted the multitude, and the dance is foremost substance in Sukuma tribe each year especially
The dance delight indeed while the year has a mass crops than the scarce season .in the first they are dancing for fierce competition .On that time each troop make an attempt to pursue Victory.Some of the troops attain to use sorceries circumstances for the motive of defeat in the feast of the traditional dance .Duration of the feast of this dance is fourteen days then the Victory troop nominated Actual it is rejoice when you will be reaching on the area at the real time.

STATUES IN THE SUKUMA TRIBE - Wasukuma are people who esteeming indeed their culture
Also have subdivide responsibilities according ages as following factors


This is a chief. The process of taking a chair in this position it suppose to be a male who has
Wisdom and brave. This position is not specially for female .The chief is the high statues in Sukuma society .As the head of the Sukuma society his works are calling the tradition meeting perhaps for reconciliation while peace break occar in the society and also to lead his people on good way and to be as a consaltant

Manangwa are people who nominated by the chief to be as deputies of the chief. Always their works are to advising the chief about his daily works and to share their idea to see what are substances are preceeding in the Sukuma clans.

These are juries; their work is to consulting a chief about which punishments are conveniently to the criminals who accused on traditional count for any deliquence thus wanamphala participated on the tradition count only.

These are grow –up Juveniles from eighteen years to fourty nine years.These are respected ages which rely on each thing in Sukuma societies,these also are main power to the Sukuma tribe for securities,agriculture activities and also are poll in to establishing those culture and institution will not have disappeared.


These are local or the traditional soldiers known as sungusungu these are full soldiers, on eyes appear always they abreasted with the perfect traditional weapons as spears,arrows,and bows,swords,knobs,sticks and oxes . Their works always are defending their boundaries and to eliminating all criminals affairs.


These are youths under eighteen. Their works daily are involving to be as cattle herders, to lean those layout and taboos of Sukuma tribe and immediately high rates of them,they participating to go in the modern schools.


After Juvenile attain to the mature age .He makes himself selection of a young girl already to marry. When the Juvenile entice by the girl he report to his parents then the parents will be taking in action to talk with the second family for the girl parent to negotiate about dowries .In the Sukuma tribe has some what marvel which is very different of other tribes in Tanzania .For the usually in Sukuma societies there have typical grade beside females appearance .In the society a white skin color and tall girl has high value than black skin colour,thus the girl who has white skin color remumireted high dowry. An ordinary in the Sukuma societies do not pay cash money its substitute provide cattle especialy cows beginning fifty cows. For the black skin color and tall or short girl her dowry is forty cows do not less of it. End of the wedding is a day of shake hands with the dowry cows, betwixt of couples families. This day is a solitary day because rejoice ,full joying and applauding are scattering throughout the village where is plenties of residents in the village are invited in sermon .At the scene seven or more cows are slaughtering. The wedding party is attaining the end after two or three days when ladies and gentlemen celebrate for food ,local beverages as liquor with Singing many traditional song and dancing for all day long and the all night long. On this time of feast bride groom and bride are absent at the feast those are continuing to stay to their families because they do not allow to attend in the feast where wedding party functioned .After weeks or a month, kinsfolk beside young man are going to the young girl family for bringing her to the young man family and to be a real and legal wife to him and in their life doesn’t allow divorce .


Sukuma societies are believe indeed their ancestors. This is refer some of their cattle to baptism the name of their Ancestors when occur one of the cattle which already given the name of the ancestor come to die its carcass does not allow to eat by any clans person .Its instead the carcass given to neighbours people . Traditional medicines are foremost thing in treatment of some diseases to Sukuma tribe people they consume variegation plants for production of the medicines .Also they are believing in traditional mass each year .When a person is dead in society he/she buried for covering with a undry cow skin which killed by knob instead to slaughter then the meat of the carcass is burning till it remain ash.Beside chief formally they buried with couples people who are alive for the major purple of defending the chief under the grave ,it was terribly but to date this situation is not available. After thirty days of the mourning MANANGWA as deputies of the chief recall a meeting for selection other chief this is continue to date.


A child who is bearing at the family of Sukuma tribe when the child is a baby boy the family people are celebrate to showing their happier and they congratulate a mother of the baby boy for represented a new citizen and a warrior in the family. But most happier increase after expected mother giving birth to baby girl because in the family believe that she will be bringing a lots of cows as dowry when she will be coming to marry. This always in the Sukuma society the baby girls are very great properties and baby boys appeared as bankrupters while their marriage time attain .On this point is showing in the Sukuma societies prefer further baby girls than the baby boys.
when child born and he /she preliminaries foot when giving birth. This child is gruesome and esteeming by people in society because in the Sukuma societies believe they have couples in the pregnant but he /she move out alone.But him/her leave fellow without to come out together.The child who birth in way is called KASHINJE.The child who starts to erupt up tooth is called SHINJE.The children like these are also get a perfect respect in society.


All the time is good time to visit on these places for learn enjoyable, for studying some culture, institutions and traditional affairs economics, and commerce of the black people who take a large place in Tanzania and east Africa for their population.


We ‘ll pick you at the k’njaro international airport to the bamakambi safari lodge where is our center situated.After information you can make yourself decision if you will be taking an accommodation in the lodge or out of there.For it,do not worry because everything it will be under control of the (BLACK CLOUDS ECO –TOURISM AND SAFARI)

DAY 1 After breakfast we depature in Arusha town at 9 :00 to incline Ngorongoro
the crater game drive.Supper and overnight at Serengeti National park.

DAY 2 Wake –up early 5: 30 morning for sunrise –tour including breakfast
that time you will have enjoyed good view some game enronte to the lake Victoria in Mwanza city.Between the Serengeti and the Mwanza we ‘ll stop to a museum of ( Bujora Sukuma museum centre).There you will be hearing so many varietation myths about Sukuma tribe.Then we ‘ll preceed to Mwanza where we will get an overnight at the hotel.

DAY 3 After breakfast around 7:00 or 8:00 we ‘ll start our journey to Shinyanga .In the
Shinyanga we ‘ll visit in a village of Sukuma people .Where you will florish to learn manythings .Dinner and overnight we ‘ll spend at Sukuma bome camp.After breakfast early morning we’ll have an opportunity to walk around the village to get a real history of these people also you will come to see the different thing like how the sacrifies their ancestors ,there we’ll get a full lecture.You must to amaze, there we ‘ll stay in there three nights four days.

DAY 7 After breskfast around 7:30 we’ll continue our journey to Tabora region,there we’ll
visit at bulyankulu where we ‘ll stay there for three nights.There you will get a
perfect history of the chief Mirambo and many marvel things you will see there which are newer to you.

DAY 11 After breakfast we’ll go to the area of pastoraliats, there we’ll have two nights to
get the history of how they care their cattle ,you will see some varietation of maasai cattle care and Sukuma cattle care.The third day we’ll drive back to Arusha town.This it will be the end of our tour on the Sukuma land.


Each one in group $ 150 per day
Each one out of the group $ 250 per day
Lodge costs for single $ 550 per day
Lodge costs for each one in the group $ 450 per day

These prices are covering those trips of your destination
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